Wine Cooler Collection

VINUMdesign has a range of wine racks, suitable for champagne and spumante which can able to satisfy all lovers of fine wine. The undoubted technical advantages of our cooler that go hand in hand with a fully customisable design that can be incorporated into any style or place. 

Characteristics of our Wine cooler
The world of wine has a specific charm, like anything that evokes passion, commitment and research excellence. Wines, however, need to be conserved and aged in the best possible conditions and without external interference which can change or degrade it. This is the commitment that VINUMdesign has pursued successfully for many years: to create wine cooler of exceptional quality that reflect both the personality and the culture of the wines. The company uniquely offers fully customisable solutions, and exclusively provides mobile cooler that are at once technically sound without sacrificing anything from their elegant aesthetic

The Importance of Technology in Wine cooler
The wine cooler produced by VINUMdesign are the result of years of research and study in the field of refrigeration with the main objective to build quality cooler. The types of freestanding and built in cooler are engineering masterpieces that maintain constant temperatures according to the type of wine. Constant vibrations are accompanied by unique, large glass fronted mirrored doors to protect the wine from harmful UV rays that can be damaging. The engineering masterpiece is equipped with an electronic refrigeration system and a refrigerant with a compressor. This is the ultimately distinguishing feature for quiet running and energy efficiency as it functions on ecological refrigerant gas. There is latest integrated touchpad controls the internal temperatures, and a blue LED light.

The Unique Aesthetic of our Wine cooler
Our wine fridge collections have an innovative design, unique because they can be customized according to the wishes of the customer. The customizations are not standardised but rather start from the classic model and are carried out through the work of skilled Italian craftsmen. Antique and traditional defines the look of our wine cabinets, refined furnishings that add atmosphere and warmth to the home environment. The finishing touches are made of stainless steel satin or gloss which gives a contemporary touch to furniture.

The  The wooden wine cooler , full of noble beauty of the wood of which is coated with, ranging Acero cherry to walnut to oak and is also available in other materials. Evidence of excellent craftsmanship and the use of the best materials are also present in this range.
Another exclusive VINUMdesign is aimed at those people who love the elegance of marble and various types of stones are rich in various shades. The finishes of superior craftsmanship for those who choose a splendid showcase for wines in bright colors: professional and with choice of metallic colors, make this product unique.